Most instagrammable places in rome


We spent three glorious weeks in beautiful Rome, so we have a lot of places and tips to share with you all! Here are the most Instagrammable places in Rome along with some handy tips for visiting.

1. The Spanish Steps

These beautiful steps are a famous meeting place in Rome- and we can see why! They are just stunning

Tips: Sunrise is essential if you want a photo like ours below! Around 7am the light is perfect and the streets are basically empty. We use a tripod and take multiple shots so we can edit out any people passing by behind us.

Spanish steps spring Rome
A sunrise at the Spanish Steps


2. The Colosseum

Of course everyone knows the Colosseum of Rome! But still had to add it to this list.

Tips: Sunrise of course! You get really good lighting and no people. Photo angle below is up on the steps- if you don’t make it for sunrise you can snag this spot and get a photo without anyone behind you.

The Colosseum sunrise rome
Sunrise from the marvel that is the Colosseum


3. The Pantheon

This marvel building is Rome’s most well preserved Ancient Roman Monument! The exact age remains unknown but it is about 2000 years old- mind blowing! The word Pantheon is a Greek adjective meaning “honor all Gods”.

Tips: As always, get there early! If you can’t be smart with your photo angling- up close on the fountain with the view of the Pantheon behind you is the trick.

Pantheon Rome sunrise
The Pantheon- one of the best preserved monuments of Ancient Rome

4. Castel Sant’Angelo

This building was once commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family, but is now a museum.

Tips: Early or around sunset for good lighting and minimal people. Go into the museum too and wander around!

Castel Sant' Angelo Rome
A morning at Castel Sant’ Angelo


5. Trevi Fountain

How could one go to Rome and not see this fantastic fountain? Of course, this one is probably in the top 3 most busiest places in Rome- and we can see why! It has just been restored and looks fantastic.

Tips: I think you know the theme by now, get there early! You are also not allowed tripods- the police will tell you off so be prepared for this. It is also a beautiful sight at night but prepare for the crowds.

Trevi Fountain Rome
The beautiful Trevi Fountain


6. Roman Forum

This ancient city has so much to explore- we loved wandering around the forum. Gorgeous views of Rome and lot’s of history to learn.

Tips: A crowded place most hours of the day but there are some lookouts where you can snap a photo like below without people getting in the way.

Roman Forum Rome
Views in the Roman Forum

7. Altar of the Fatherland

This stunning monument, the largest in Rome, was controversial since its construction destroyed a large area of the Capitoline Hill to build it. The locals do not really like it and refer to it as “the wedding cake” or “the dentures”.

Tips: For a photo out the front, early is best as always. You can also pay 10 Euros and go up to the top for a fantastic view of Rome! The side provides great views of the Forum & the Colosseum.

Altar of the Fatherland Rome
The Altar of the Fatherland on a beautiful morning

8. Ponte Umberto |

This is a place for sunsets! This one is for those of you who don’t want to get up early. You can witness a stunning sunset down here by the river.

Tips: Wander down the stairs where the leaves frame the dome perfectly as shown in our second image.

Ponte Umberto Rome
A sunset by the river in Rome
The Vatican Rome travel blog
Views thorough the trees of the Vatican

9. Fiumi Fountain

The lesser known fountain but still a beautiful place to visit! This fountain is located in a square surrounded by restaurants and streets to explore.

Tips: Explore the surrounding streets and grab a yummy gelato on your visit!

Fiumi Fountain Rome
The Fiumi Fountain in Rome

10. Palazzo Zuccari

This gem was a fun one and more obscure thing to see in Rome. It is a really cool door and very unique!

Tips: Walk up the Spanish steps to see the view of Rome along the way.

Palazzetto Zuccari Door Rome
The unique Palazzetto Zuccari Door Rome

11. Temple of Asclepius in the Villa Borghese Gardens

This garden was a hidden gem and so close to Rome city! Take a wander around sunset and see beautiful trees and monuments.

Tips: Sunset is beautiful for this park! You’ll also get lovely views of Rome city when you walk down Viale Adamo Mickievicz next to Casina Valadier (as shown in our second image below).

Temple of Asclepius Rome
Sunset lighting at the Temple of Asclepius Rome
View from villa borghese
View from Villa Borghese gardens in Rome

12. Rooftop of the Iconic Pantheon Hotel

A lesser known spot for drink or a bite to eat while taking in panoramic views of the city. Worth a visit!

Tips: If you don’t want to spend too much on food you can still go up and have a coffee or a drink.

Iconic Pantheon Hotel Rome
View from the Iconic Pantheon Hotel Rome

13. The Vatican Museum

Unfortunately you can’t take photos inside the Sistine Chapel but you can remember your visit with a snap in the courtyard! There are a few beautiful places to wander around and enjoy here.

Tips: The Vatican is actually the busiest in the mornings, we had a super short line and minimal wait when entering around 3pm. However you must get there before 4pm as that is when the last admission is.

The Vatican Museum Rome
The Vatican Museum Rome

We hope you enjoyed our tips and wandering through the beautiful city of Rome!

Happy exploring! <3

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